Terms and Conditions

Christmas Orders & Deliveries

By placing an order,
you agree to the following:


* Our loyalty cards are not to be applied to any order that contains any Christmas product during December. 

* The minimum order value for free delivery on our Christmas delivery runs (19/12/18 for northern suburbs and 21/12/18 for southern suburbs) is $250. Orders with a value below $250 will incur a $25 delivery fee. Enter discount code FREESHIPPING at checkout to claim your free shipping for orders over $250.

* We will do our best to match the price you have paid for your Christmas order online. However, as we are working with products that are not a consistent, predictable weight, price variances may occur. By placing your order with us, you agree to meet any additional cost that may apply. 

* The products we deliver will be frozen with the only exceptions being ham, bacon and cold meats. Everything will be vacuum packed with weights and use by dates on the labels. If you open the vacuum packaging, the use by date is no longer applicable. 

* Always defrost your products in the refrigerator to ensure food safety. 

* Once the products are removed from the vacuum packaging, never leave any product in plastic in the fridge as this will compromise the shelf life. 

* If for any reason the vacuum packaging has failed or there is a hole in the vacuum bag, treat the product as a “fresh” product and treat it accordingly. 

* Our orders are dispatched in cardboard cartons, not foam eskies. The cartons will not keep the products cold once they are removed from refrigeration. We do not leave cartons at your front door. If you instruct us to do so, we 

will not be held responsible for anything that occurs to your order. 

* If you are having your order delivered and are unsure that you will be home on the day of delivery, please leave sufficient eskies outside for the driver to repack your order into it. If there is not enough room in what you have left out for the driver, the order (or part of the order that will not be in the esky) will be returned to the shop. There will be an additional fee for the courier company to come back to Mundaring that the customer will need to pay. 

* If any part of your order is returned to our shop, it is your responsibility to pick the order up from the shop and pay the additional courier company fee prior to receiving the products. 

* As we are using a courier company to deliver your orders, we have no control over the timing of your delivery and cannot be held responsible for the timing of your delivery. 

* Under no circumstances will we allow you to cancel your order and receive a refund. Nor will there be delivery fee refunds once your order is loaded onto the couriers vehicle. 

* Our metro delivery service will cover the area between Yanchep and Mandurah. If you are outside this area, additional freight company charges will apply. Please use the case sensitive code REGIONAL when prompted. We will arrange the freight and contact you with the cost as soon as we know what it will be. If you prefer to know the freight cost prior to placing an order, please email us and we will look into it for you.